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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

System of Satan: Punish righteousness: Supreme Court rules against clerk who repeatedly refused to issue gay marriage licenses

 Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the Lord saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment. Isa 59:15

Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed; Isa 10:1

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against the Kentucky county clerk who has refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses.
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis will have to choose whether to issue marriage licenses and defy the Christian conviction she has held up as her defense, or continue to refuse them.
Davis, who stopped issuing all marriage licenses a day after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, could face fines or jail time if she defies the decision.

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled against Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who has repeatedly refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses because she said it goes against her Christian conviction 
Kim Davis

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


The Pont D’Alma Tunnel was a sacred site dedicated to the Moon Goddess Diana, where they used to practice ritual sacrifices. During those ceremonies, it was of an utmost importance that the sacrificed victim died inside the underground temple.
Princess Diana died inside the Pont D'Alma Tunnel after her car hit the 13 column.


In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protector of the weak. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis and she represents the Sacred Feminine, the female aspect of deity. Princess Diana bore the same attributes by being a protector of the environment, DIANA - ROMAN GODDESS OF NATURE PRINCESS DIANA In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of nature, childbirth, hunting and the protector of the weak. She is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis and she represents the Sacred Feminine, the female aspect of deity. Princess Diana bore the same attributes by being a protector of the environment,





taking care of the weak in her missions in third world countries and by giving birth to the future heirs of England’s throne. Oak tree groves were especially sacred to the Goddess Diana. In Roman times, Diana’s groves and sanctuaries were always in the wild, outside of the boundaries of the city. Such hidden temples were found all across Europe. To further the resemblance with the Goddess bearing her name, Lady Diana was buried in a grove in her home town. The Goddess Diana is often depicted with deers and doves.The female principle is often represented by the moon, where the Moon goddess is opposite to the Sun god . The feminine energy is also commonly associated with the planet Venus, represented in symbolism by a five petal flower – the rose. The goddess figure appears unmistakably in all religions, even in Christianity as the Virgin Mary. These symbols representing the female deity exist since prehistoric times and were preserved and diffused through pagan mysteries and through mystic Judeo-Christian teachings. Today’s students of the occult easily recognize and interpret those symbols. We will later explain how they have been used to associate Lady Di with the concept of the sacred feminine.
As you might know, Princess Diana died in a limousine “accident” inside the Pont d’Alma tunnel, in Paris. Her vehicle was supposedly chased by paparazzi who caused the world-class chauffeur to lose control due to his inebriated state after consuming alcohol.   We can argue for days about the theories concerning these events, but this is not the purpose of this article. The truth lies in the symbols placed on purpose for the initiates to recognize. One of them is the actual site where Diana lost her life, the Pont D’Alma Tunnel.
The Pont D’Alma Tunnel was a sacred site dedicated to the Moon Goddess Diana, where they used to practice ritual sacrifices.
During those ceremonies, it was of an utmost importance that the sacrificed victim died inside the underground temple. The assassination of Diana was a reenactment of this ancient pagan tradition. Shortly after Diana was killed, Rayelan Allan (a researcher of esoteric history since the early 1970’s, who was also married to Gunther Russbacher, a deep cover CIA/ONI operative) wrote an article called “Diana, Queen of Heaven”. The article was picked up by numerous newspapers across the United States and Europe. Several authors who have written books about the death of Princess Diana used Rayelan’s article as reference. However, no one fully understood the deeper meaning of the article. Therefore, Rayelan decided to expand it into a book. The book states that in pre-Christian times, the Pont d’Alma area had been the site of a pagan temple of the goddess Diana and a direct gateway to heaven. Mindful of this safety net, the place was chosen by the Merovingian kings (AD500-751) to fight their duels, with the loser going directly to paradise.  ”Pont” means “bridge” and “Alma” means “soul” and for Merovingians, the site was a bridge across the “river of souls”. So, Pont de L’Alma, the site of the accident which killed Princess Diana, means “Bridge of the Soul.”  

Is it just "a mere coincidence"  that there was a double planetary alignment on the day she was murdered, ? Is it also a coincidence that the feast of the Assumption of Mary (a feast observed by the Roman Catholic church which they use to celebrate and remember  the bodily assumption (taking up, ascension) of their 'Virgin Mary' into Heaven at the end of her earthly life) is also celebrated in August (August 15) a few days before the date that Diana died? (The American entertainer Madonna (lt. The Lady) was born on August the 16th 1958) The  sixth  sign of the zodiac Virgo (sometimes referred to as the weeping virgin) occurs btw  August 23 - September 22.

Source: Thenewalexandrialibrary.com

-How much she(Babylon) hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow,[1]Read the note at the bottom of the page and shall see no sorrow.Rev 18:7

-The ascended master Saint Germain sponsors a universal spiritual order called the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. Keepers of the Flame vow to keep this flame of life burning on the altar of their hearts. They tend this fire by preserving and upholding the principles of freedom and the sacredness of life, and by extending the flame to others who do not know that they have a divine spark [2].TSL.ORG

Queen of Hearts card

Depiction of The 'Sacred Heart' of the Feminine goddess. Notice the rose, light and fire that emit from her heart

BASHIR: Do you think you will ever be Queen?
DIANA: No, I don't, no.
BASHIR: Why do you think that?
DIANA: I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts, in people's hearts, but I don't see myself being Queen of this country. I don't think many people will want me to be Queen.Excerpts of Martin Bashir's Interview with Diana Broadcast November 1995 On BBC1'S Panorama.

God has made this human body a house with six Chakras and has established the light of spirit in it. Cross the ocean of Maya and meet the eternal God who does not come, who does not go, who neither takes birth nor dies. Sol.com.au

Mere Coincidences?
Do you think it was just a 'mere coincidence' that she claimed to like being  the "queen of people's hearts and in Peoples hearts" before her death, the same way that the Mother goddess was believed to rule in the heart (and was also called the queen of the heart) and do you think it is another coincidence that the card above is also named the "queen of hearts" and yet another coincidence that the feminine goddess is believed to have an immaculate/sacred heart?

 An image on the floor of the Memorial Park dedicated to Diana depicts her as a five petalled rose

Memorial coin dedicated to Diana

And yet another coincidence that Elton John referred to Diana as a "rose" the same way the goddess Venus was associated with the rose and the same way the heart (heart represents the soul) was associated with the rose? And yet another coincidence that she died when the vehicle she was in hit the 13th column? (13 is a number that Pagans generally associate with their goddess: A lunar year has 13 months :the moon is often used to represent the goddess[4])

And yet "another coincidence that she died with her lover Dodi Al Fayed: The goddess Venus was called the goddess of Love, the feminine principle was also believed to ascend ( become perfect and united with her spiritual source ('higher'/'Heavenly' self ) by love?

 Now you belong to heaven, and the stars spell out your name..... -Line from "Candle in the Wind", a song dedicated to Diana, By Elton John. (Candle :Fire , Wind : air i.e the two male or spiritual elements)

And yet another coincidence that 1 Cor 13 a Bible chapter that is devoted to love was chosen to be read at her funeral service? And yet another coincidence that Paris (The city where the accident happened) is often referred to as the "city of lovers"? and yet another coincidence that there is a torch of fire that is located above the spot of her death,The same way the feminine principle (e.g the statue of liberty, Hestia, Vestas,) was associated with a flaming torch which pagans believed was ignited and sustained through her union with her lover (the male principle,higher consciousness [3]) and yet another coincidence that they also believed that fire was the key to her(the goddess) ascension

The Memorial Torch of Pont d’Alma, notice that it is  a torch mounted on a 'black' pentagram. Black represents death.

The Car that Diana died inside. Notice that it is also black.

Diana's 'shrine' at Althrop. Notice the 'black' face used to represent her.

    Diana's wedding to Charles, notice that he is dressed in black

And yet another coincidence that the accident happened in Paris,A city dedicated to and named after Isis (The name Paris is derived from the word Per Isis:Temple of Isis) Note that Isis was an Egyptian Goddess.

Diana's Memorial at the popular Store (Harrods) owned by Her lover's Father. It depicts 2 interlocking circles which reflect the interlocking of the spheres i.e the union between Diana (the feminine principle) and Dodi (the male principle)

And yet another coincidence that she died inside the Pont d’Alma tunnel (Pont d'alma when translated into English means Bridge of souls i.e Bridge across the river of souls) the same way the feminine principle (the soul) is believed to be dormant (sleeping) inside  the consciousness (below, ocean, rivers) of humanity and  is believed to be ascend to meet her lover (her source, lover) who abides in the crown chakra (above) through the bridge of divine Love (Love is the bridge that connects different people together) i.e Love is what attracts a woman to a man and vice versa. Without love (or lust/desire) there would be no attraction between the male and female.And yet another coincidence that Diana (lt."heavenly" or "divine"), the Roman goddess that she was named after was called the queen of Heaven i.e the goddess in her ascended form?

And yet another coincidence that in August 1997 (The same month that Diana died), a petition was presented to the Pope asking for the Virgin Mary to be made co-redemptrix with Christ and yet another coincidence that she was the princess of Wales = Wails i.e the one people wailed for?

The three theories that the goddess is the heart, has the heart and rules inside the heart may seem contradictory but they are different ways of stating the same thing:

The Goddess depicted as the heart:
The goddess is a personification of the ideal or perfect state that creation is supposed to assume: It is generally believed in occult circles that the creation is in an imperfect state (the imperfect state is symbolized as the fallen goddess who the Gnostics call Sophia Prounicos) because it is alienated from the universal spirit embedded within it.
They believe that when creation attains unity with the spirit (which is attained through the union of love i.e losing themselves in the identity of the spirit), it would attain perfection (The state of the perfected or restored goddess who the Gnostics refer to as  
The  sacrificed goddess (Sophia Barbelo, Isis, Diana etc):The one who sacrifices her identity in exchange for the identity of her lover is therefore used to represent the perfect heart state which the fallen humanity needs to attain(through alchemy) in order to attain occultic enlightenment and be restored to a state of 'wholeness'.

The Goddess depicted as having the heart:
When the creation (or the microcosm of the creation i.e the initiate) attains this 'perfect' heart state, it/he/she becomes perfected (i.e they lose their individual consciousness and are connected with the cosmic/universal consciousness):
When the goddess is represented as having an immaculate heart, it is simply a way of demonstrating that the fallen creation (Sophia Prounicos, Persephone) has attained the perfect heart state by the transmutation of her heart from a  profane state to a divine state.

The Goddess depicted as ruling in the heart
When the heart of the creation/initiate becomes perfected, it is a sign that his/her individual desires are no more supreme in the throne room of his/her heart (the soul center (mind,emotions) that governs the consciousness of the initiate):
When the goddess is depicted as ruling in the heart, it is  a demonstration of the fact that the initiate is being ruled by the consciousness of the restored goddess (Sophia Barbelo).


[1]The Woman (Babylon, Isis)  believed she was not a widow because she had performed the great work of 'resurrecting' and reconnecting with the latent/sleeping/dead spark (the universal spirit) embedded inside her consciousness (symbolized by her husband the Egyptian god Osiris)  who was 'killed'  by the ignorance that resulted from her individuality/separation

(Her ignorance and individuality are both symbolized by the Egyptian god Set , the Greek goddess Persephone or by the Hindu term Kundalini). 

When the reconnection/reunion with her husband occurs occurs, the woman ascends to a heavenly state of consciousness and the new 'heavenly' consciousness (son: symbolized by Isis son Horus)  that is born inside her makes her become an embodiment and reflection of her husband (the universal spirit) i.e a female reflecting the male principle, The same way the moon reflects the light of the sun.

Note that the Spirit is sometimes referred to as a female in its latent state because it is ignorant and as a male/androgen in its Active state because it is fully aware.

[2]The Olympic Ritual of lighting and taking the Olympic flame across the world is a representation of the principle of spreading the 'divine' flame (ignited in the spiritually initiated ones) around the world (to the uninitiated).

 [3] The flame represented the goddess's connection with (desire for)  her lover and the flame was sustained by her continual desire for him.  The more desire she had for him, the more the fire was sustained and the less desire she had for him, the less the fire was sustained.

 [4]13 is associated with the Goddess because 1. Occultists believe that the goddess is the Latent/inert/Dark/Chaotic spark (Prima Materia, soul) present in Humanity. (Humanity is represented by the number 12 i.e Human beings are the children of the night: A night consists of 12 hours and symbolizes the invisible latent dark soul/goddess embedded in Mankind:) 

The soul is represented by the number 1 because it is the universal principle that needs to be transformed  by 'divine love' (alchemy) in order for the soul/goddess to reflect her husband /lover (the god /divine spirit)  and hence become perfect and thus, the children of darkness (Her children) become the children of the ' Light' (their children): Note that a day also has 12 hours I.e the night/soul transformed to become the day/spirit :

2.A lunar year has 13 months. The moon is usually represented by a female. i.e the receptacle.  

Occultists and Pagans believe that the union of soul and spirit' perfects' and 'whitens' humanities dark souls and that is why Friday the 13 is usually associated with bad events: Friday is the day dedicated to the goddess Freya/Venus. 13 is the number of the Universal soul/spirit embedded in Matter (Humanity). i.e The Universal soul (represented by the goddess) is bad karma/negative energy/evil. Diana died on a sunday (a day dedicated to the sun god) in order to reflect the Illuminati's ultimate mission of perfecting the universal soul by unifying it with it's counterpart/lover (spirit) i.e the  transformation of the 'profane' soul by uniting it with the spirit in order to make it become 'sacred'. Note that 31 (the date she died) is 13 written backwards.

Privacy Watch:Your TV may be watching you

Earlier this week, we learned that Samsung televisions are eavesdropping on their owners. If you have one of their Internet-connected smart TVs, you can turn on a voice command feature that saves you the trouble of finding the remote, pushing buttons and scrolling through menus. But making that feature work requires the television to listen to everything you say. And what you say isn't just processed by the television; it may be forwarded over the Internet for remote processing. It's literally Orwellian.
This discovery surprised people, but it shouldn't have. The things around us are increasingly computerized, and increasingly connected to the Internet. And most of them are listening.
Our smartphones and computers, of course, listen to us when we're making audio and video calls. But the microphones are always there, and there are ways a hacker, government, or clever company can turn those microphones on without our knowledge. Sometimes we turn them on ourselves. If we have an iPhone, the voice-processing system Siri listens to us, but only when we push the iPhone's button. Like Samsung, iPhones with the "Hey Siri" feature enabled listen all the time. So do Android devices with the "OK Google" feature enabled, and so does an Amazon voice-activated system called Echo. Facebook has the ability to turn your smartphone's microphone on when you're using the app.
Even if you don't speak, our computers are paying attention. Gmail "listens" to everything you write, and shows you advertising based on it. It might feel as if you're never alone. Facebook does the same with everything you write on that platform, and even listens to the things you type but don't post. Skype doesn't listen -- we think -- but as Der Spiegel notes, data from the service "has been accessible to the NSA's snoops" since 2011.
So the NSA certainly listens. It listens directly, and it listens to all these companies listening to you. So do other countries like Russia and China, which we really don't want listening so closely to their citizens.
It's not just the devices that listen; most of this data is transmitted over the Internet. Samsung sends it to what was referred to as a "third party" in its policy statement. It later revealed that third party to be a company you've never heard of -- Nuance -- that turns the voice into text for it. Samsung promises that the data is erased immediately. Most of the other companies that are listening promise no such thing and, in fact, save your data for a long time. Governments, of course, save it, too.
This data is a treasure trove for criminals, as we are learning again and again as tens and hundreds of millions of customer records are repeatedly stolen. Last week, it was reported that hackers had accessed the personal records of some 80 million Anthem Health customers and others. Last year, it was Home Depot, JP Morgan, Sony and many others. Do we think Nuance's security is better than any of these companies? I sure don't.
At some level, we're consenting to all this listening. A single sentence in Samsung's 1,500-word privacy policy, the one most of us don't read, stated: "Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition." Other services could easily come with a similar warning: Be aware that your e-mail provider knows what you're saying to your colleagues and friends and be aware that your cell phone knows where you sleep and whom you're sleeping with -- assuming that you both have smartphones, that is.
The Internet of Things is full of listeners. Newer cars contain computers that record speed, steering wheel position, pedal pressure, even tire pressure -- and insurance companies want to listen. And, of course, your cell phone records your precise location at all times you have it on -- and possibly even when you turn it off. If you have a smart thermostat, it records your house's temperature, humidity, ambient light and any nearby movement. Any fitness tracker you're wearing records your movements and some vital signs; so do many computerized medical devices. Add security cameras and recorders, drones and other surveillance airplanes, and we're being watched, tracked, measured and listened to almost all the time.
It's the age of ubiquitous surveillance, fueled by both Internet companies and governments. And because it's largely happening in the background, we're not really aware of it.
This has to change. We need to regulate the listening: both what is being collected and how it's being used. But that won't happen until we know the full extent of surveillance: who's listening and what they're doing with it. Samsung buried its listening details in its privacy policy -- they have since amended it to be clearer -- and we're only having this discussion because a Daily Beast reporter stumbled upon it. We need more explicit conversation about the value of being able to speak freely in our living rooms without our televisions listening, or having e-mail conversations without Google or the government listening. Privacy is a prerequisite for free expression, and losing that would be an enormous blow to our society.

Source CNN
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