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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Celine dion announces the arrival of the new day (New luciferian illumination)

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Listen Carefully to the song before reading the Comment Below:
In this song, Celine Dion is announcing the arrival of a new age. Notice that the video starts in darkness. This darkness symbolizes the absence of lucifer's light in world. Then suddenly, the sun arises in the sky and gets brighter until it peaks. (The process which occult initiates pass through in order to attain 'complete' enlightenment (illumination) is a gradual one, not an immediate one)
This symbolizes the new luciferian illumination (that dawns in the hearts of mystics) that has arrived. Notice that she says that she had been waiting for so long for a miracle (new day) to come:
That is the same way occultists have been waiting for ages for the dawn of the luciferian new age. Also notice that she says that she had to wait through darkness for the day to arrive. The darkness she refers to is the absence of the luciferian illumination.
Also notice that she stands above the clouds in the sky as she sings. The ultimate goal of all mystics is to ascend to the 'paradise' (state of godhood) that their Father the Devil promised them and that is why the Roman goddess Diana (who is a personification of the 'perfected' and 'ascended' soul of man) is referred to as the queen of Heaven (When translated literally, Diana means "heavenly" or "divine") Read Jer 7:18 , Jer 44:25
Remember that the Bible makes it clear that it was lucifer's ambition to ascend above the height of the clouds (Isa 14:14 ). Occultists attempt to mimic what the entity Lucifer tried to do: Attain perfection by disregarding God and exploring the self.
Notice that as she sings, she seemingly says " let the rain come down and wash away my tears". Now ask yourself: Does rain come from the sun? The answer is no. Listen carefully its not rain she's saying, it's ray and the ray she is referring to is the luciferian ray which mystics believe brings man to wholeness and comfort from the pains and sorrows of being "barbaric". Also take note of the fact that she wants the ray to "shatter the walls for a new sun".

The statement 'New sun' refers to the new illumination that shatters the 'restraints' in people so that they can see the luciferian worldview.(Restraints refer to the things that make you ignorant of satan i.e your individuality or the Holy spirit of God that suppresses (keeps you ignorant of) the image of the devil (sin) from fully manifesting: (2 Thess 2:7) These inner restrains are meant to curb man's sinful nature:
Some occult traditions (Hermetism) teach that there are two suns, an invisible and etheric one made of pure “philosophical gold” and the material one, the only one that the profane can perceive, known as the black sun
The material sun represents man's dark and ignorant soul and it is usually represented as the sun in our solar system. The sun made of philosophical gold represents the soul of man made 'perfect' by occult initiations through interaction with the luciferian light which is only available to those who are initiated into the mysteries (occultists) and it is usually represented as Sirius, the dog star.
The ray that Celine Dion calls on to "fill her soul" is one that comes from the etheric sun, the one that occultists believe brings the soul to wholeness and illumination (gold).

The Freemasonic one Eye (Eye of Horus, the son god) Notice the Light that emanates from it

She also says that all the light comes from the "eyes"of a "boy". This means that only those whose "eyes" have been opened by lucifer (Gen 3:6-7) can transmit this light. The "boy" refers to the new initiates of satan who are born when they have a union with satan's light. (Just like a new child is born when a man and woman come together) I would also want you to look carefully between the 7th and 8th second of the song: She appears to be flashing a longhorn, a symbol that is used to signify adoration for satan. (The I love you sign, this could be seen clearer on a bigger screen) Also take note of where she sings:
"Where it was dark now there's light, where there was pain now there's joy, where there was weakness i found my strength all in the eyes of a boy". These words are meant to support Lucifer's claim that when our eyes are opened we would be changed from what we used to be i.e be brought to 'wholeness' and 'enlightenment' (Gen 3:4-5).
Note how she says that light, joy and strength came into being where there was previously darkness, pain and weakness:
This transition from weakness and darkness to wholeness and enlightenment represents the change she underwent when she partook of the light from the eyes of the "boy" (horus, new ager): This is the same way Eve changed from a being who wasn't conscious of her nakedness (conscious of God's glory) to one who became conscious of it (self conscious, ignorant of God) when her eyes were "opened" by Lucifer.
Notice the Statue of Liberty in the video. She represents the goddess (new ager) who has been illuminated by the light of the new day and who spreads the light to the rest of the world (the un-initiated). Her torch represents her soul which has been illuminated by the light of satan.
Also, notice the people traveling in the bus in the night and notice that as they travel, the sun gradually arises and a few people stare at the sun as it gets brighter. Notice that some people were asleep in the Bus while some were awake. Also notice the dull look on many of the people in the bus faces:
The people on the bus represent humanity. The journey they were embarking on represents the collective journey that souls undergo in order to become united with satan and attain enlightenment. The sleeping people represent the ignorant people. The people who are awake represent those who yearn for and seek a new satanic day. The dull look on their faces represents dissatisfaction with the dark state of affairs
The adult who showed the child the sun represents a matured occult initiate who leads others to the light and the child represents a new initiate who is led to the sun (i.e initiated into the mysteries) by a more experienced person.

She repeatedly mentions hush love this refers to the universal love the new day brings. Btw the 3.04 minute and 3.05 minute of play listen carefully she mentions let it(the ray )shatter the "World" not the walls. "the world" here means the old world order (Old way of thinking) that the new day destroys.
She also talks of the world thinking she had it all but that she waiting for the new day .The old world(old way of thinking)is ignorant of what the new agers want.Only mystics feel incomplete without the luciferian light. Then close to the end of the song , listen carefully btw the 3.43-3.44 minute of playing
You will notice that she says: I can't believe I've been touched by an "ager" with love. Mystics believe that only New Agers (The illuminati) possess Satan's light and that it is their responsibility to transfer it to the rest of the world (the 'profane' or the 'ignorant'). Also note that she says the light "almost blinded her: The new light "blinds" you from seeing the way you used to see things (2 Cor 4:4) That is the same that way Eve was blinded from seeing the God who covered her nakedness when she partook of the forbidden fruit.
Notice that the video ends in the night. Also take note of the women and the lovers frolicing in the background. Also, notice the fire, the full moon in the sky and the body of water that are present as they play around. Also notice that she was on the ground in the night and not in the sky.

In Witchcraft, the full moon relates to water i.e the moon has an effect on the tides. The sun which introduces a new day relates to fire i.e illumination. 
Occultists generally believe that when fire (satan, the god, the universal spirit that is dormant in creation) has a spiritual union with its lover/counterpart water (the goddess, the individual soul that reflects the light of spirit when it is awakened from its slumber/ignorance of the spirit i.e the moon reflects the sun's light), both would produce a new child (a new consciousness in the initiate) and the initiate would attain 'divinity' (Gen 3:5) and enlightenment.
The Women, Water, Fire, Night and Lovers in the Video reflect the different stages that the initiate in darkness must pass through in order to attain satanic 'enlightenment'. i.e Those in the Night (the soul, water, woman) must have a union with their mystical lover sun (spirit,fire) in order to become pregnant with and produce a new child (consciousness).
She was on the ground at night in order to reflect the fact that the un-illuminated/dark soul remains on ground state until it becomes 'illuminated' i.e it had not ascended above because it had not partaken in the so called light/day of satan.

The Seal of Solomon (also known as shaktona) which mystics use to symbolize the union of fire (sun god) and water (moon goddess) in order to produce a new child in creation

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