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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Spiritual Symbolism of the conflict between Israel and Palestine

As with every other issue in life, people are prone to view the Israeli Palestinian conflict in different ways. There are some who look at it from a religious angle because the disputed territories (which are the main cause of the conflict)  are historically associated with Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

There are some who view it from a humanitarian angle. These people feel that it is unfair for one nation to segregate and deny another nation of the right of statehood.

Then there are those who view it from a historical angle. To these people, the best way to solve the conflict is to go back to history to determine who rightly owns the disputed land.

There are those who view it from the legal angle. To these people, the best way to end the conflict is to determine who owns the disputed land based on international law.

Then there are those who view it from an esoteric angle and as with everything in life, it is the esoteric view that perfectly explains the significance of the conflict.

The Center (Heart) of the World
" I truly believe that Israel is the energy center of the world. " Madonna


Mystics believe that when the world is taken as a human body, Israel represents the heart of the earth (Remember it is located Mid east)

The Human Heart

The human heart is the center of the human body which supplies blood (life) to every other part of the body and when the heart fails or does not function properly, the rest of the body dies or does not function properly. i.e the state of the heart is directionally proportional to the state of the rest of the body.


The Kaballist's tree of life, aka the forbidden tree in the Bible  i.e The tree of knowledge of good and evil.  It is a micro-cosmic/macro-cosmic representation of  the universe. 

It is called tree of good and evil because it consists of 2 opposing parts, the good/ upper/right part and the evil /lower/left part. 

The middle portion of the tree is simply the reintegration of the 2 opposing parts into a singular consciousness which leads to gnosis i.e knowledge hence the symbolic name: Tree of 'knowledge' i.e balance of good and evil that leads to 'gnosis' in an individual i.e the opening of the 3rd eye

Kaballists divide their 'tree of life' into 10 Sephira (spheres) and on the tree of life, Tiferet (Tiphareth) is equivalent to the human heart. It is the center of the tree and the 'mediator' between the sefira of Chesed (compassion) and Gevurah (strength and judgment).

Either of them  (Chesed and Gevurah) without the other would not be able to manifest the flow of 'divine' energy and that is why they must be balanced in perfect proportion. This balance is reflected in the role of Tiferet, wherein the conflicting forces are harmonized, and creation flows forth.

Notice from the diagram above that Tiferet occupies a place on the middle pillar. This symbolizes the fact that it is a lower reflection of Kether, as well as a higher reflection of Yesod. i.e In Tiferet, Kether ( the Higher) and Yesod (the lower) energies are integrated and balanced.

Diagram of the human heart

Those of us who know about the human heart should know that the heart is divided into two sides: the left heart and the right heart. The right side of the heart corresponds to Chesed (Israel) while the left side of the heart symbolizes Gevurah (Palestine).

Gevurah is understood as their god's mode of punishing the wicked and judging humanity in general while Chesed is their god's loving-kindness,'mercy' or 'love' towards the wicked.

Tiferet is believed to be justified through Gevurah into the bounty of Chesed  I.e Chesed is the reward when people survive the judgment of Gevurah and are thus balanced into Tiferet.

Left and Right Wings
Those of you who know a thing or two about politics ought to know what the Left and Right wings of a particular party (or in Politics generally) mean.

The Right wing is the wing that is resistant to change. In the right wing,  social hierarchy and social inequality is viewed as either inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable.

On the other hand, the left wing is the wing that is open to change. It is the wing that accepts or supports social equality, and is often in opposition to social hierarchy and social inequality.

Israel (Chesed, the right side) is the side that resists a change in the status quo. It is the dominant force that dictates all the major actions and decisions that are taken in the region and it has used it's power to deny the Palestinians of the right to statehood. It is the side that has to show mercy on the weaker side in order for peace to reign.

Palestine (Gevurah, the left side) is the side that desires change and equality. It demands an end to oppression and the right to be an independent state. It is the side that has to endure severity until the so called 'perfection'/unification of things.

The integration of submissive and weak Palestine to dominant & rigid Israel signals the arrival of the New World Order of oneness.

The divine self like the world of human experience is depicted as dominated as a tense polarity between the right side (hesed -compassion) and the left side (Gevurah/Din- severity judgment), the ideal is the restoration of a proper harmony between these forces of the cosmos, a harmony that is utterly the dominance of the right side (hesed) over the left side, even a sumpsumption and integration of the left into the right. In this sense, it is hesed that dominates when all is restored and perfect in the cosmos. :Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah: New Insights and Scholarship


Masonic diagram which represents the gevurah, tiferet (the middle column) and chesed.  Notice the sun, the eye above the middle pillar and the rays that emanate from it (The eye is called Sirius) and the Moon (with 7 stars, the stars are referred to as the seven sisters of Pleiades) above the pillars. 

Also take note of the symbolic name IsRaEl: Isis  (Egyptian Mother goddess), Ra (middle pillar, ideal state of illumination, Egyptian solar god, could also represent Horus the child (nature) that is born from the father and mother) and El  (the Canaanite father god who is associated with Saturn) 

The union of el and isis (sexual magic, alchemy) results in the birth of the unified god (Ra or Horus)

"And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the Lord thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven.But the Lord hath taken you, and brought you forth out of the iron furnace, even out of Egypt, to be unto him a people of inheritance, as ye are this day. Deut 4:19-20"

The Flag of Israel. It consists of two interlocking triangles on a white background.  The interlocking triangles are referred to as the Seal of Solomon because they represent the union/reconciliation of the upright triangle sol (the sun god) and the lower triangle the moon (the goddess) in order to produce a balanced being. i.e sol o mon=sol and moon: sun and moon"

When the two columns are the balance between them means that you have reached the union of the Kundalini and Sushumna. This marriage will create the so-called sacred fire of kundalini that will radiate throughout the human body, filling it with divine light. It is then that humanity will become the third column of the Temple of Wisdom. He / She will be a column formed by the combined forces of the Force (Jachin) and Beauty (Boaz). This act constitutes the "Lost Word" in the vibrational system of the physical body of the soul....The combination of opposing forces of the two pillars produces the middle column: the perfect man   Apocalisselaica.net

Masonic memorial in Eilat, Israel. Notice the letters B and J. They represent Boaz and Jachin


The Masonic temple of Solomon (A model stolen from the Bible and made to fit into their satanic agenda i.e redaction) consists of two columns Jachin and Boaz. Jachin means He will establish while Boaz means in Him is strength.
Between the two columns, there is an open eye which represents the so called 'illumination' of the spiritual eye that occultists (occultists because they see and understand things that the ordinary human does not understand) believe that people attain when they balance the two opposing forces in nature.

Notice that the open eye is above two interlocking triangles (compass and square). The two triangles represent the union of the two opposite forces in order to attain the so called god consciousness that Satan promises his children. (The G between the triangles represents the god consciousness) The occult believe that the 'god consciousness' can only be attained when both of the pillars are reconciled (peace)

"For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Gen 3:5"

Occultists believe that the balancing of good and evil in an individual (the two opposing sides) leads to divinity and enlightenment.: 
 (The knowledge of good and evil  signifies the balance of the mother and father in humanity which leads to the birth of the son i.e the attainment of 'gnosis' or 'enlightenment')  

Remember that Jesus Christ is the 'Son' of God and that He was 'born' in Israel and that the Israelites are the earthly seed of Abraham (I.e descendants of Abraham, the 'chosen of God') The occult elite knew that their agenda also involved a son (i.e new nature, the antichrist) so they saw the land of Israel as the perfect spot to promote their own christ i.e son propaganda i.e the spot which serves as a subliminal of the reunification of the two pillars and the birth of their so called 'christ consciousness' i.e the reconciliation of both nations heralds the birth of the son of their god (the right pillar) and their goddess (the left pillar)

The two towers and the middle path to enlightenment depicted on J.K. Rowling's Book Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

The High priestess tarot card. Notice the two towers and the woman (the enlightened heart/soul)

Boaz represents Israel, the stronger of the two nations. Jachin represents Palestine, the weaker nation that would eventually be established. The open eye represents the reconciliation of the both of them in order to produce peace, equality and enlightenment.

Occult Agenda
The conflict between Israel and Palestine is not merely about two dissenting nations whose disputes were caused by contentions over the ownership of land. They are well planned Masonic and Kaballistic experiments from start to finish and they were designed to reflect the steps that the occult intends to use to 'perfect' the world and bring their so called peace to it.

The conflict over East Jerusalem (One of the disputed territories) is meant to reflect the disorder and chaos that exists in the divided earth. Spiritually speaking, the East represents the enlightened heart, the one that perceives the spirit that animates it.

East and West 
The sun rises in the East: Occultists believe that in order to attain enlightenment, divinity and oneness, the light of the spirit must dawn in the soul/heart and that is why the Tower of Babel was constructed in the East and the reason why the East is known as the home of spirituality.

The sun sets in the West. The West symbolizes the ignorant soul/heart, the one that is not aware of the spirit that animates creation. They believe that the 'light' of the spirit sets when we quench it (when we become ignorant of it)

"Westward the Course of Empire Takes its Way"
(also known as western ho) is the Name of a 20-by-30-foot painted mural currently displayed behind the western staircase of the House of Representatives chamber in the United States Capitol Building.

 Since the west symbolizes ignorance , the merger/marriage between East with West is the goal of all occultists and this symbolic union of west with east is symbolized as the center i.e marriage of 2 to become one or to put it in another way, bringing the east (knowledge) to the west (ignorant populace) and their union is represented as a hexagram:
"The Hexagram represents the formula and accomplishment of the Great Work in both the material and spiritual worlds. It is composed of the symbols for Fire and Water. It is synonymous with the symbol of the Rose and Cross, the Ankh (Crux Ansata), the Sun and Moon Conjoined, and the Cross in the Circle. It represents the union of the two opposites in Nature, male and female, light and darkness, activity and passivity, and all other opposites that constitute creation." David Cherubim:

"The Hexagram is a geometrical symbol of the Sun. The Sun is an external symbol of the One Reality or the One Self that is manifest in all things. One of the most significant of all realizations for the Adept is that s/he is the Sun made manifest in the flesh, an incarnation of the Lord of the Solar System. The Hexagram is the Sign of such an Adept." (From The Hexigram of Magick by David Cherubim)

 Note that the West is known as the home of secularism. i.e material consciousness.

 The Ideal Jerusalem
Jerusalem means City of Peace. The 'Ideal' Masonic 'Jerusalem' (heart) is not supposed to be a Jerusalem of war and conflict but a Jerusalem of peace between both of the opposing sides which would be reflected in the rest of the body:
It is hoped that the 'healing of the heart of the earth' would reflect their final objective which is to heal all the conflicts and differences of opinions on earth and merge all of them into one (i.e usher in peace, 'enlightenment' and oneness)

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."1 Thess 5:3

New Order of unity
The occult elite do not care about the frequent blood letting on both sides or about the God in the Bible who chose Abraham and blessed Him. They only care about the agenda of their father the devil.

They engineered the conflicts to follow the script of the devil and it is their hope is that it will eventually result in peace between both of the conflicting sides and the eventual recognition of Palestine as an independent state which will be a reflection of the New World Order of oneness, balance and equality that they attempt to build on earth (An accomplishment of what the builders of the Tower of Babel failed to do)

 Be mindful of the fact that the Tower of Babel  symbolized the merger of the Father Tower and the Mother Tower into a singular (son) Tower/consciousness (Notice that it was a single tower i.e a merger of two into one) 

This should automatically take your mind to another symbolic event that was also designed to act as a subliminal of the merger of the two pillars, the September 11 Terrorist attacks i.e Two of the primary towers of the old trade center were destroyed in the attacks and the primary (tallest) tower of the new complex that was built on the ruins of the old towers, (a single Tower) symbolizes the merger of the Father and the Mother into a singular consciousness (son). The New Trade center goes by the symbolic name "One" World Trade Center i.e one consciousness built from the merger of the two.

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