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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Futurama's Portrayal of the Freemasonic plan to construct a New World Order

Futurama is an animated American sitcom created by Matt Groening (a self confessed Agnostic), and developed by Groening and David X. Cohen for the Fox network. The series follows the adventures of a former New York pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, after he is cryogenically frozen seconds after the start of the year 2000, and thawed out on New Year's Eve 2999.

In the United States, the series aired from March 28, 1999 to August 10, 2003 on Fox before ceasing production. Futurama was then aired on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, from January 2003 to December 2007, when the network's contract expired. The series was revived in 2007 as four straight-to-DVD films which would then be split into a sixteen-episode fifth season.

Its important to note that the name chosen for the series was Futurama because the series mirrors the future world the Freemasons hope to build, a world where all the world's religions integrate into one (Age of Aquarius when all religious doctrines emphasize the same principles)  A world where there is a unified world government with one leader. (Do you remember Barack Obama's inaugural speech where he spoke about America being ready to lead the world?)

Also, in the series, the Old New York city is destroyed and "a New new york city" is built over its ruins : This symbolizes the New world order being built on the ruins of the Old world order. (That is the Spiritual symbolism of 911 , in fact, a new tower has been built on the ruins of the WTC and it is to be called "one world" trade center. This New Trade Center is also a single tower symbolizing the fact that the New world is united not divided like the old world was (2 towers). Also notice that the WTC is located in New York).

Leela and Fry

There was a character in the series named Phillip J. Fry and he had two friends: Turanga Leela and Bender Bending Rodriguez.  Leela was the "one-eyed captain" (she had only one eye)  of the Planet  (i.e world)  Express Ship. (Note that the single eye is the universal symbol of freemasonry.) Bender was a Robotic  (mechanical) man and was once described by fellow character Leela as an "alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking gambler

Leela and Bender represents Fry's two Parts. Bender represents the lower, animalistic side, that only concerns itself with eating, drinking and sex. Bender is literally a machine--a mechanical man. Leela, on the other hand, represents Fry's higher, spiritual Self. Note that Leela's obvious characteristic is her single, illuminated eye. Kosmosidikos.blogspot.com

 Leela  and Bender symbolically represent the two towers of the WTC. The union of Fry's two contrary friends (Different towers) is represented as their common (themiddle ground) friend Fry who symbolically represents the One World Trade Center or the New World Order.

You can read  a brief story line of the series below to get a better understanding of what the series is about:

Fry's first glimpse of New New York City.

Futurama is set in New New York at the turn of the 31st century, in a time filled with technological wonders. The city of New New York has been built over the ruins of present-day New York City, referred to as "Old New York". Various devices and architecture are similar to the Populuxe design. Global warming, inflexible bureaucracy and substance abuse are a few of the subjects given a 31st century exaggeration in a world where the problems have become both more extreme and more common.

Numerous technological advances have been made between the present day and the 31st century. The ability to keep heads alive in jars was invented by Ron Popeil (who has a guest cameo in "A Big Piece of Garbage") which has resulted in many historical figures and current celebrities being present; this became the writers' excuse to feature and poke fun at celebrities in the show. Curiously, several of the preserved heads shown are those of people who were already dead well before the advent of this technology; one of the most prominent examples of this anomaly is frequent Earth president Richard Nixon, who died in 1994.

The Internet, while being fully immersive and encompassing all senses--even featuring its own digital world (similar to Tron or The Matrix), is slow and largely consists of pornography, pop-up ads, and "filthy" chat rooms. Some of it is edited to include educational material ostensibly for youth. Television is still a primary form of entertainment. Self-aware robots are a common sight, and are the main cause of global warming thanks to their alcohol-powered systems. The wheel is obsolete (no one but Fry even seems to recognize the design) having been forgotten and replaced by hover cars and a network of large, clear pneumatic transportation tubes.

Enviromentally, common animals still remain, along mutated, inbred (sometimes with men), mixed and extraterrestrial animals. Owls are shown on numerous times to have replaced rats as the most common household pest, although rats still exist. Earth still suffers the effects of Greenhouse gases, but these are somewhat mitigated by the dropping of a giant ice cube into the ocean (which is drilled from Halley's comet).

Futurama's setting is a backdrop, and the writers are not above committing continuity errors if they serve to further the gags. For example, while the pilot episode implies that the previous Planet Express crew was killed by a space wasp, the later episode "The Sting" is based on the crew having been killed by space bees instead. The "world of tomorrow" setting is used to highlight and lampoon issues of today and to parody the science fiction genre.

Society and culture in Futurama:
Religion is still a prominent part of society, although the dominant religions have evolved. A merger between the major religious groups of the 20th century has resulted in the First Amalgamated Church, while Voodoo is now mainstream. New religions include Oprahism, Robotology, and the banned religion of Star Trek fandom. Religious figures in the series include Father Changstein-El-Gamal, the Robot Devil, Reverend Preacherbot and passing references to The Space Pope. While very few episodes focus exclusively on the religious aspect within the Futurama universe they do cover a wide variety of subjects including predestination, prayer, the nature of salvation, and religious conversion.
Earthican flag, "Ol' Freebie".

Earth has a unified government headed by the President of Earth - Richard Nixon's head (from season 2 onwards). Earth's capital is Washington, D.C., and the flag of Earth is similar in design to the flag of the United States, with the western hemisphere (described as "the best hemisphere" by Dr. Farnsworth) of planet Earth displayed in place of the fifty stars. Although unified under a single government, fond patriotism still exist in some former countries such as Jamaica; Futurama's canonicity is heavily focused on American soil, and other places on the world are rarely shown. English is shown to be the primary language of the known universe.

The Democratic Order Of Planets (D.O.O.P.) is a fictional organization in the Futurama universe which has been compared to both the United Nations and to the United Federation of Planets of the Star Trek universe. Numerous other galaxies have been colonized or have made contact by the year 3000. Mars has been terraformed and is home to Mars University as well as tribes similar to Native Americans.

The Earthican flag as illustrated in futurama. Notice that it looks exactly like an American flag except  for the fact that it has a globe in place of the stars(which represents the world) and it highlights the western hemisphere meaning that the world is ruled by the ideals of the west.)

N.B I referred to wikipedia's article on futurama .For the full article on futurama click here

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