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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Freemasonry: “Perfecting” the Imperfect

By Matthew D. Jarvie

One of the mottos in Freemasonry is “to perfect that which was left imperfect.” This has different meaning to the lowly initiates at the bottom of the proverbial pyramid, who merely serve as useful idiots, compared to what the adepts at the top of the pyramid believe. These adepts believe that the creator of the universe left the world — including mankind itself — in an imperfect state. The deviants at the top of the ladder, who run the stage show of consensus reality through their various levels of command and control, see themselves quite literally as Gods who, having reached perfection themselves, have the ability and natural right to shape and reshape the world according to their plan known as the “Great Work.” They see themselves as re-creators, above and at odds with the true creator of the universe.

The secular humanists and high priests of science have largely taken over from the control mechanism of organized religion, instilling a belief in people’s minds that the material world is the extent of all truth, and that all truth is to be found through the understanding of science. As with organized religion, Freemasonry and other such organizations, what the “profane masses” at the bottom are given to believe is far different from that which the controllers at the top know and use against us lowly, “lesser-evolved” types, who are seen as nothing more than cannon fodder for the rebuilding of Solomon’s (Sol-Om-On) Temple, which itself is exoteric allegory for the Great Work; the “perfection” of mankind and everything else under the sun.

Science fiction writer and futurist, Arthur C. Clarke, stated in his “laws” of prediction that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and it’s this “magic,” which is the science behind the advanced technology unknown to the general public, that is being developed and perfected, not to free humanity but enslave and ultimately destroy it.

People in the Western nations are constantly being beat over the head with well-funded propaganda designed to instill in their minds hope of a cure for cancer and AIDS. Well-meaning but painfully naive people driven by fear and emotion will then donate their hard-earned money to what they think is a noble cause, not knowing that these donations are going to the very same government-linked institutions that gave us AIDS and are working to create — not cure — even faster-acting cancer viruses and plagues; the former being unleashed from the tip of a needle, with the latter waiting in some government laboratory to be released at a time seen fit by the psychopathic controllers on an oblivious public (no doubt to be blamed on some Middle Eastern patsies).

NASA spends billions of dollars on a PR campaign aimed at enthralling us with the wonders of space travel and future missions to Mars, but how many people know about the satellite technology that can spot a penny on the ground and even see through people’s walls? What about the technology that evolved out of the Star Wars program, which has more than likely since been further developed and weaponized to control the weather, control people’s minds, torture and harass people, strike targets on the ground, and even create nuclear-like explosions anywhere on the earth using directed-energy and other satellite-based electromagnetic weaponry?

The big agribusinesses like Monsanto, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) have for years been leading the push in the peddling of genetically-modified crops under the banner of feeding the third world population, “ending starvation” as their New World Order minions work to exterminate these same people with World Health Organization vaccination campaigns sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But we already know this is a big lie because the evidence is overwhelming that these GM crops don’t help, but sicken those who consume them and the foods made from them. It is estimated that over 70% of the processed garbage that passes as “food” found at the grocery stores is made from genetically-modified ingredients. Meanwhile, hardly a week passes where we don’t hear something in the establishment media about the obesity epidemic and rising rates of childhood diabetes. Of course no connection is made to the organ-damaging, blood-altering GM waste that’s in the junk they’re eating.

So above is just a few examples of how the “new” religion of the masses — the religion of humanism and science — which is yet another exoteric version of the ancient religion of the Kabbalistic/Freemasonic controllers, is leading us into the darkness instead of into the light, as they would have us believe. We are lead to believe that humans today are on the cutting edge of technological discovery, and this technology is being developed to only help benefit the average person that is in fact a target for extermination by the same cryptocracy behind the development of this same technology that it also controls, administers and directs to meet its own agenda. Through flattery and reliance on the ignorance of a deliberately dumbed-down public oblivious to real history, the controllers, via their media, lead the people to believe that they’re the most advanced people to ever walk the earth. By placing science above creation, this cements the flawed idea that man himself can become God through the understanding of science, and thus is the key to salvation in the material world, which we are supposed to believe is the extent of all existence. However, this salvation will not be for the many but rather the select few at the very top, who seek immortality in the material world through the mastering of science and the understanding of nature.

The controllers’ “perfection” of the world is nearing completion. They already have control over the planet’s weather and crops with HAARP, scalar technology and GMO seeds. The metaphorical capstone will be added to the pyramid once humanity has been “pefected” with the emergence of the “New Man,” which was frequently mentioned by the communists as being the peak of human evolution. However, this is to be an engineered evolution born in a laboratory and designed to serve its masters with total efficiency once the majority of the world’s population, after serving its purpose, is eliminated to make way for the utopia of the chosen few.

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