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Friday, 11 April 2014

Decision Time

It's time to make up your mind world and these are the choices available to you:

1.Seek 'Christ consciousness' within or seek the true Christ (Jesus) without: Satan's lie throughout the history of this evil world order has been that we can only come to wholeness and eventually save ourselves by seeking a union with our inward sinful nature (Gen 3:4-5) .

He claims that God wants to restrain us from achieving this wholeness and that this is the main reason why He restrains us from seeking our inner selves (image of sin, knowledge of good and evil).:

These are the lies that inspire humanity to think that the path to godhood is wiping out everything that is of God (His righteous laws and reliance on His Spirit) from their civilization and understanding (i.e secularism and materialism)

Satan emphasizes science and occult knowledge, not Jesus. He makes us feel that we can solve our own problems with our genius and that God is "just a man upstairs" who is irrelevant to us and that  is the reason why it is a common thing to hear statements like this: "God helps those who help themselves", "Be who you are", Know yourself "or "its in you" these days.

These statements are not only misleading but are Antichrist. God helps those who trust in Him. He isn't a weak being who needs your assistance in order to act. He helps the weak and those that know that they are nothing without Him, not the strong and self confident who feel they can conquer by their wit and strength.

Do not be who you are be who God wants you to invite his Son into your heart in order to transform you into his image (Romans 12:2). Do not know Yourself: You are not God. Seek to know the truth: Jesus Christ. Be like St Paul who counted everything he had to be dung in order to know Jesus. It's not in you world. It's in Jesus. Seek the Son. Only He can save You.You cannot attain godhood by seeking yourself but by submitting to Jesus.

2.Seek to be like God:knowing good and evil (being a law unto ourselves)or seek to bear God's image: Having Eternal life(submitting to His law): 

The world we live in today is a world that is self centered. All its laws are man made and are geared towards satisfying our human rights and not satisfying God's requirements.The motto of the world is:" As long as it feels good and doesn't harm anyone it is good".

The ultimate goal of satan is to create a world where man is the only law, a world where everyone does what is 'right' in their own eyes.

That is what the new world order that his puppets are building is all about :It is the collective government of man:A world where man is a law unto himself and chooses what is best for himself.Satan fools them to think that being a law unto themselves is what makes them like God (the ability to be able to choose what is right and wrong for themselves).

The only way we can bear God's divine nature is by self denial:Being a law unto ourselves only makes us beastly and base.We have to stop seeing(being a law unto ourselves,John 9:41)and admit that we cant see with our so called "opened eyes".That is why Proverbs 32:8 says: "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye". 

We can only see with God's eye".Our eyes (sense of right and wrong) are blind. We have to submit to God's laws and let him lead us with his eye(mind) in order to bear His image and enter His paradise.

3.Seek Life (the tree of life) and seek independence from life (the tree of knowledge of good and evil)
- Deut 30:19:"I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live"

You can't attain eternal life by being You. You need Jesus. Don't believe satan's lie. He tells you You wouldn't die when You partake in sin. He even fools you to think that your progenitors didn't die when they rebelled but instead had their eyes opened ( Gen 3:4:"And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die") 

The Truth is that they died. The immediate change: realization that they were naked is death: The change of focus from God (life) to self realization is death (Eph 2:1). You need God. You can't do it alone. God is Your life don't let satan fool You to think that You are alive and well without God.

The same choices that your progenitors had in the garden of Eden are available to all of us today:The Lie that we can be like God without submitting to God and the truth that the only way to bear God's image is to submit to Him and If we are like Eve who preferred to believe the lies of satan instead  of the truth that God told her,we would end up living a life of being subject to the devil's deceit and would never see the truth that we belong in Eden not Babylon (2 Thess 2:10-12) and would subsequently spend Your eternity separated from God . 

Seek the truth (eternal life, John 17:3) today So you can see and be saved.
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