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Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Chains of Darkness

2 Pet 2:4:For if God spared not the angels that sinned but cast them "down" to hell and delivered them into "chains of darkness"to be reserved unto judgment.
John 8:21:Then said Jesus again unto them:I go my way and ye shall seek me,and shall die in Your sins and "where I go You cannot come".

John 8:34:Jesus answered them,Verily,Verily i say unto You,whosoeer committeth sin is the servant(enslaved to)sin.

1 Tim 6:16:Who only hath immortality dwelling in light "which no man can approach unto"whom no man hath seen nor can see.....
2 Tim 2:26:And that they might recover themselves out of the "snare of the devil"who are taken captive by him at his will.
Psalm 49:19:He(Man who doesn't know God) shall go to the generation of his fathers; they shall never see "light".

Since the fall of the progenitors of the human race (Adam and Eve) from God's grace, all of their offspring have borne their sinful image (Gen 5:3): They are all in bondage to "the tree of knowledge of good and evil (death and darkness) and unless Jesus sets them free from the chains that keep them from accessing God's truth and seeing his light, they will remain bound to their dark nature (ignorance of God) and will remain without God. (eternal death. John 8:36).

In order for us to become what God wants us to be and be free from the grip that satan has on our souls, we need to be humble enough to accept that we are born sinners, that we have a natural hatred for the things of God (Eph 2:3,Col 1:21) and that we need to be set free from Satan's chains of sin (Rom 6:22) in order to be saved.

The Chains of darkness:
2 Pet 2:4 which I quoted above tells us about how God didn't spare the angels that sinned but cast them down into hell and delivered them into chains of darkness. "Down" implies that they fell from God's heavenly state of being perfect (heaven is above) and because they chose to be earthly natured rather than heavenly natured, God condemned them to remain in that fallen state. Jude 1:6  also sheds more light on why God condemned the angels:

Jude 1:6:And the angels which did not keep their "first" estate,but left their own habitation He hath reserved in "everlasting chains" under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

It says that the angels (messengers of God) did not keep their "first" estate but left their own habitation. Their 1st estate is the heavenly image that they bore while they remained in God's paradise. These angels weren't satisfied with being in fellowship God and abiding in his presence.
They wanted glory for themselves and didn't want to submit to the true God's commandments. So they left their own habitation (The paradise God put them to have fellowship with him) and chose the path of self seeking and self glorification. Jude 1:6 says that as a result of this, God delivered them to "everlasting chains under darkness".

These chains are not physical chains but spiritual chains. They are the chains that binded these"angels"to their evil and dark nature and kept them from accessing God's garden and truth.

God Formed man from dust
God formed man from the dust of the ground (earthly) and breathed his divine breath (spirit) into his nostrils (soul) and this breath made man become (transformed him to become) a "living soul" (a soul who had God's spirit) He then took the man (from the earthly state which he formed him from) and put him into his garden (heavenly state) to dress it and to keep it. (Gen 2:15)

It was the divine breath that God breathed into the "man of dust" that made him qualified to inhabit the heavenly Garden of pleasure (Eden). The man did nothing to qualify him entry into the Garden.God willingly breathed his Spirit into the earthly man so he could partake in God's glory.So it was all about God and nothing about the man's works. (God's grace).
As a result of the heavenly breath of God in the Man, the transformed Adam was not conscious of his earthly origins. He was only conscious of his Maker and the eternal breath that resided in him. (his divine nature). He saw the glories an earthly and carnal being could never access and was in a joyous and peaceful relationship with his loving Maker. He could see by the true light and knew the mysteries of God which otherwise would have been inaccessible to him.

The serpent (satan) like Adam was an earthly and beastly being (Gen 3:1) He was arrogant and proud and wanted to rule in the heart of humanity. So he devised a plan: He was going to show Eve the fact that she was actually an earthly being like he was. He made her feel the divine breath in her (God's spirit) was keeping her from realizing her potentials as an earthly being. He told her thus (paraphrased): In your present state, you are submissive to God's divine spark and because of this, you are enslaved to him.

If you 'eat' of the earthly wisdom which only i can offer you, you will discover your true potential and would not need to submit to the Spirit of God within you.

Only I can "free" you from God and make you become your own god in your own naturak domain and you will be able to do whatever you like instead of doing things contrary to your earthly nature. When he "opened" her eyes (understanding) to what she could be without God, she foolishly felt it would be a better idea to be earthly and in charge of her own life (be a god) than submitting to God and not having any glory for herself. (reflecting God's glory)
So she decided to "eat"  of the forbidden tree (accept satan's terrestrial life force in her soul) and thus, her "earthly eyes" opened and she became conscious of her nakedness (her earthly nature) she couldn't see the God that covered the fact that she was earthly anymore she only saw the earthly beastly self she was. She felt it would be desirable for her husband  to discover himself too so she gave him the " fruit (characteristics) of the tree and he also ate from it. Hence satan the terrestrial lord became their god and the god of their seed.(2 Cor 4:4)

As a result of Adam and Eve's fall from God's grace God told Adam thus:....For dust(earthly)You are and unto dust You shall return. (Gen 3:19): Because Adam and his wife rejected God's counsel and chose to disobey, He condemned them and their seed to return and remain in their natural state (separation from God). That is why John 8:23 says: Ye are from beneath (earth), I (Jesus) am from above (paradise) Ye are of this world (the fallen world) I am not of this world (i am from paradise)..

God also banished them from the garden of Eden (made it inaccessible to them Gen 3:23, 24) and sent them to "till" the ground  (live by the works of their own hands) that they were taken from (abide in the fallen and corrupt state that He took them from) and both they and their seed remain under the "chains"of the god of the world  they were banished to(world of sin) which restrains them from returning to God's garden

Many People in the world today feel that sin is anything that doesn't agree with their moral standards. They feel if you don't lie commit fornication smoke,drink,  lie or cheat in exams you are righteous. Sin is rebellion against God and His standards:

It is feeling that we can do good without relying on God's spirit and guidance. We can do some so called 'good works' which we feel make us righteous and still be sinning against God.

Also, we could also do some so called bad things and be in a right standing with God.  Sin is when we seek to do things without God's counsel and guidance. Righteousness is when we submit to God, are led by his spirit and seek His glory above everything else.

That is why when the two Egyptian midwives lied to pharaoh about the Israelite women (Ex 1:15-21) God blessed them and made them houses. They lied because they feared God and wanted to save his people.

That is also the reason why God rejected Cain's offering as being unacceptable: His offerings were of the works  of Cain's hands (self righteousness) and not by the sacrifice of the fallen self and submission to God.
All our righteousness are like filthy rags (Is 64:6). We can never attain God's divine standards with our earthly efforts.

We are chained to our sinful and dark nature:
We are all sinners by nature (Eph 2:3, 1 Cor 2:14,Col 1:21)We remain chained under the satanic spirit of rebellion and hence have no access to God and his light (read 1 Tim 6:16 above). Because of this, We find ourselves doing so many things that we ourselves sometimes disdain.St Paul spoke of this in Romans 7:19:"For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do."

As prisoners to the terrestrial spirit, we have no choice but to do his will. If we choose to remain in the chains that keep us from seeing the truth, we will be eternally cut off from God and will return to the dust.

If we choose to know Jesus the image of the Divine Spirit, He will kill the serpent spirit that keeps us in bondage (Col 3:2,3 Heb 2:14) and will renew us with his spirit (Eph 4:23). We can never free ourselves from these chains. Only Jesus can set us free from the chains that keep us in bondage.(John 8:36)
All we need to do is to submit to him and let him "renew" us with his spirit. God never forces His will on anyone. He leaves the decision to be saved or damned with them. Make up your mind today before its too late.

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